Download Game Guardian Apk: GGuardian (iGameGuardian for iOS) Latest Updated App Version

Download Game Guardian Apk: GGuardian (iGameGuardian)

Download Game Guardian apk, one of the best game hacking app available for Android and iOS devices. It is also written as GameGuardian or GGuardian and/or may be pronounced as Game Gardian at some places. This application allows users to hack offline games and rarely online video games. As long as you are able to enjoy any particular games, you can enjoy modifying them as per your wish. (check: cartoon hd apk.)

Game Guardian, generally, works with offline games, i.e, which don’t require an internet connection to play. You may start thinking that it would be a premium or paid app as it allows you to do so many hacks, but GGuardian apk is entirely free of cost. You don’t need to pay a dime to make use of this application. In a nutshell, you can cheat and be at the top while leaving your friends wonder how did you do so much so quickly with being completely undetectable.


Game Guardian APK Download

Download Game Guardian Apk: GGuardian (iGameGuardian)

About the App

GameGuardian apk is one of the best Android and iOS hacking apps for offline games. With its help, you can modify video games. You don’t need to know the process behind the app. It basically works on code injection. Game Gardian injects code during the runtime to modify the parameters you as per your requirement. But, online games like Clash of Clans and Teen Patti are not hackable with this application. It’s because none of their data are stored on your device.

Note: Game Guardian apk is not available on Google Play Store. You need to download it from here and install on your devices.

File Info

App Name Game Guardian
File Type APK
Size 16.9MB
Version 8.67.0
Language English
Supported Devices Android  2.3 to 7.1.1
Total Installs 100,00,00+
Last Updateed on 29th October 2018


  • Full control over games and apps.
  • Premium purchase offers
  • Unlimited coins, gems, lives, etc.
  • Apply different patches and modify them.
  • Pause the game and search game value library.
  • Skip missions
  • Edit any value to unlimited
  • Free

How to Download & Install Game Guardian APK

  1. Download game guardian apk from the link available on this page.
  2. Then, tap on the downloaded apk file to start the installation process.
  3. If you face any error related to Unknown Sources, open the Settings and tick the Install from Unknown Sources checkbox.
  4. Now, go back to the installation process and finish it.
  5. Once installation gets completed, start enjoying the game.

How to use Game Guardian APK

After installing, tap on the app icon to start it. Then, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Open any offline app/game.
  • Look for any value, you want to modify.
  • Now, tap on the floating/translucent icon of gameguardian.
  • Search the same value which you want to change.
  • After finding the same, replace the value.
  • It will get reflected in the main game.
  • If it doesn’t work, restart the app and try the process again.

iGameGuardian: Game Guardian for iOS devices (iPhones and iPads)

There are two methods to install the application on your iOS devices. All of them are listed here on this iGameGuardian page. So, click on the link and pay a visit to get to know how this works.

Game Guardian No Root

In case, you don’t want to root you phone and still want to enjoy playing with the games and various apps around you. First of all, you need to download an optimized version of virtual environment app like Virtual Space, etc. Then, install the Game Guardian no root app from the link given above. And once installed, start enjoying the games.

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